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Customer Reviews Cont.

Move Date 2/11/17


Crew was so personable and the most polite crew I have worked with on a move. They were well versed in navigating small philadelphia apartments and had awesome teamwork. Would recommend to anyone to move.


-Bryan Wood

Move Date 1/7/17


I moved with Mackintosh on 1/7/17, it was snowing and I thought I would have to reschedule but the 2 guys still came out and moved me with no problem despite the weather. My move was small and it only cost me $287 and some change which was very affordable for me. The guys were good and did a good job keeping my floors clean as they came in and out. I really appreciate these guys for taking care of me in spite of the nasty weather. I will be moving again soon and I will certainly be giving these guys a call.


-Shari Talbot

Move date 12/31/16


This was a great moving experience. I wanted to make sure I posted a review for these guys because they did an amazing job. My move was huge, it required 2 trucks and 6 men and I had to move on New Year's Eve. I was worried the day was going to be a disaster but the guys were on time, very professional, and knew what they were doing. They came into my home wrapped and padded all my things. They disassembled all three bedroom sets and reassembled them at my new house among other things. I have a piano that's very special to me and the guys were very careful with the disassembly and loading of the piano and I was very pleased.


Upon arrival at my new residence they got my things off the trucks and put everything in its respective places in a timely fashion. The beds and dressers were setup so we were able to sleep comfortably that night. Everything was put back together properly with no issues.


Overall I was completely satisfied with the crew, they were professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. The girl I spoke with in the office was a gem. I know I had a lot going on with my move and she handle everything and my move went great. She explained everything from the contracts to the moving process itself.


This company is a good one and I would highly recommend.


-Larry McCarthy

Move Date 1/3/17


I have to say that I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of service I received from Mackintosh on 1/3/17. Jessica set me up with 3 guys who were so professional and very nice.  The crew chief Anthony was very professional and polite. The rest of the crew were great as well. I moved from a 2 bedroom apartment  into a 3 bedroom home. I had some things in storage for my new place and after loading my belongings from my apartment they were able to go to my storage unit to pick up my additional things.


The guys were so great, I had a baby crib and dining room table that needed to be assembled and the guys were able to set it up for me. None of my things were damaged because they wrapped everything so efficiently. They worked very hard, not to mention they were very strong, and just extremely efficient.


I would totally recommend Mackintosh Movers to anyone in need of a great moving company.


-April Bradsher