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Unpacking Piano moving

Moving pianos is one of our "key" attributes

For over 25 years, Mackintosh Movers of Philadelphia, PA, has moved pianos safely and efficiently from one location to another. Whether it's a miniature piano or a grand piano, we guarantee it will be delivered in a timely and safe manner.


We'll discuss with you the condition of your piano and what to expect upon its transport to your new destination. We can also disassemble the legs and pedal assembly if the option exists and reassemble it just like it was before.

Professional piano moving services

We can give you a free estimate regarding your piano move. It will usually involve locking down and securing the keyboard, removal of big parts that can be removed, and packaging the piano with packing material to prevent weathering.

Here are some models that we've moved:

  • Console

  • Spinet

  • Studio

  • Upright

  • Baby and concert grands

Please note:

Piano moving is a very delicate and complicated process. Please provide us with at least 48 hours advance notice before your piano move. It typically takes four men to a baby grand piano. We do not feature piano storage.

Piano moving is a snap for us. Give us a call for an appointment.





We handle your "baby" in the "grand" way. All precautions are taken to ensure your piano's safe delivery.

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